US-Russia Relations in Cold War

The two countries spent much of lives and resources to fight against Japan and Germany. However, When the Second World War was ended, the two countries entered the new period of competition for the global leadership. The Capitalism led by the U.S, and Communism led by the Soviet Union. They divided the blocs through the influences of ideological powers. The engaged in the wars indirectly through supporting and fighting the other’s puppet states. During this stage, the US could not allow the USSR to influence the whole world by her ideology and system.

The same to the US, USSR also absolutely could not allow US to lead the world as unipolar. Each has their purposes were to bring their own values and systems to the whole world. US tried to contain and help Soviet from spreading its influences into Africa, Europe, and Asia, and the Middle East, while USSR was trying to push her testament. US used the way of supporting, giving the aid, rebuilding the economy to the government and civil citizen, and rebuilding the diplomatic ties with the enemy countries during Second World War, while Soviet Union supporting the coups, revolutions, and wars.

In 1948, the Belin was divided into two blocs, the East under the controlling of Communism of USSR and the West under the leftism. Korean War in the 1950s, Vietnamese war in 1950s, the Soviet’s controlling of central Asia, the Civil war in Africa, war in the Middle East, and the changing of China in 1949 to Communism under Mao Tseng Dong, reflected the veritably fast growth of Communism and the strong competitions. The New World Order was very uncertain. The US and USSR competition to shape the world become the global struggle that led the world into deep disorder and crises. 

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