US as the one remain superpower saw it as the best time to build New World Order

To lead the world government or New World Order, US plays the traditional game with the new rules which means 1) weakens Russia and other major power countries, 2) uses any mean to force any country that does not accept American values and systems, and 3) uses US international organization to shape her interest and allies. In this situations, USA and EU viewed Russia as the weak country that had no weigh in international affair. In 2001, when the terrorist attacked on World Trade Center, Russia offered the suggestion to the US by asking for international cooperation to fight against terrorism. But the suggestion was rejected. US fought against terrorism in Afghanistan. After controlling Central Asia which used to under USSR’s controlling, US put its military bases there. US used the wars against terrorism as an excuse to establish new world order, lead the world government, and seek natural resources. For example, Iraq war in 2003 without UN’s blessing, the war that led to the global fragmentations.

The US wants to lead the unipolar world under its principles while Russia wants to see the multipolar world. The US views the chaos that causing by any state as the chance that it can use its transnational law to intermediate. As Henry Kissinger wrote in his composition “ the chance for new world order ” that “ As the new U.S. Since the Wilson and until chairman Barak Obama, America wants to lead the unipolar world under its leadership and system.

The U.S views the lack of common purpose and world government of world order as the causes of wars and conflicts. As President Barak Obama said in his farewell speech to UN assembly by calling to work together and censuring against those who seek to reject the global integration. He indeed showed numerous unresolvable problems because of the lacking of the global order. He went to advise the new President Donald Trump about the peril of American if it leaves transnational affair. After getting the President he indeed said the U.S couldn’t leave the transnational arena.

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