U.S could attack China in South China Sea or Building Military Network to Block?

U.S has mobilized its fearsome weapons and vessels to the Sea while the tensions were increased in the South China Sea. In the Donald Trump’s administration, U.S has trying to weaken China in fields ,economically, militarily, diplomatically, and geo-politically. Trump urges the nationalism against China to make the Sino-U.S relations reach the very dangerous levels. China closed the U.S consulate in Chengdu in the responding to its consulate that was closed by U.S. In the South China Sea, U.S security of State Mike Pompeo denounced China that “Attempted to control the Sea illegally”.

As I mentioned in the previous articles, China has three core issues that has to do with South China Sea, for economic interest, for security and expanding influence,and for unifying the Taiwan and become the global power by the Middle of 21st century. However, U.S never wish to share the equal power with China. U.S has no will to share the seat with China. U.S has no will to recognize China power. Therefore, Under Trump, U.S has tried to gather the allies and its nationalism to contain and keep China as China today. China launched two missiles into the sea to deter the U.S vessels and bombers.

In Joe Biden administration, he is struggling to rebuilding and re-strengthening the allies and partners to build the military, geopolitical and diplomatically supremacy over China. Joe Biden is trying to prevent China from expanding military capacity out of First Island Chain. There are two likely even going to happens in Joe Biden or next administration. First of all, U.S is going to prevent China from expanding out of First Island Chain. The Second if it doesn’t work, U.S is likely to destroy Chinese bases in South China Sea to prevent China from becoming the Global Superpower that is going to Replace U.S in the next two or three decades. However, the per cent of conflict is very low. But in the politics , we should hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

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