U.S and Russia Relations in Syrian War

For the strong man of Russia, Vladimir Putin, who came to power since 1999 and once again in 2012 with the commitment and the promise to make Russia become great and strong, uses his sharp words and any possible means against the west, especially America. That’s veritably frequently that he criticizes the U.S for its bad games. To Russia, U.S ambition for New World Order is the causes of all unwanted effects. The U.S plays the veritably bad business and politics and uses the transnational law to fit its own interest. Russia knew that the U.S ’ abettors armed, trained and supported ISIS, vended the munitions, bought the oil painting.

The U.S finds the reason to charge any country that against them, uses its CIA or hack other countries ’ internal affairs. The U.S declared the war against Iraq, Libya…and supporting Israel is reflect its ambitions for new global order, warm against any nation that does not accept its prescriptions, find the scarce coffers, and empower itself and weaken others. What are the results of fighting against terrorism and extremism in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya…?

The terrorist threat still continues growing up. These are very unacceptable. Putin strongly criticizes against the U.S. These kinds of politics will harm the global relations as well as the U.S. We all are different and must be treated with respect. Do not suppose that only your model is the stylish. Putin talked about ISIS and global complaint in conference. “He asked “do you realize what you’ve done?” Who on earth armed ISIS? Who armed the Syrians that were fighting to remove Assad?  Who facilitated for the delivery of arms to the area? They are mercenaries, mostly. Do you understand they are paid money? Mercenaries fight for whichever side pays more. So, they arm them and pay them amount…. Then they occupy the oil fields.

Wherever in Irap, in Syria…they start extracting the oil, and the oil is purchased by someone. Has they imposed the sanctions against whose purchasing the oil? Do you believe U.S does not know who is buying the oil? Is not their allies that buying the oil from ISIS? Do you think the U.S has the power to influence their allies?

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