Trump’s Grand Strategies to contain China

The US frugality had suffered the worst megahit in the Great Depression of the 1930s. Experts predict that it may take up to three years for the US economy to recover. The decline in both productivity and consumption, including export markets, imports, factories, automobiles, phones, computers and stock markets, is a serious crisis for the United States as well as the world. US spending increases more than 5 times in the first quarter compared to the Global financial crisis 2008.

In this worse situation, the United States may need to review the following strategies: Firstly, strive to minimize the risk by preventing the spread of the virus first and then gradually re-opening the main areas. Secondly, prepares $ 2 trillion to help rebuild the economy and companies after the crisis is over. Third, continues to take a tough stand against China and makes tensions worse so that China does not have the opportunity to become an economic power to replace to replace the US.

In this point, the United States can be: 1.gathers the allies to urge the investigation into the root of where corona was broken out and request the compensation, 2. Continues to restrict Chinese imports to US country as well as to its allies. 3 block the transferring of technology to China and put pressure on Chinese companies. 4. Urges the large companies to leave China for other countries and to the United States. 5. tries to create more trade partners and cooperation in Indo-pacific. In doing so, it could also cause repercussions and problems for China so that the United States itself has time to prepare for its economic recovery and prevent China from having the opportunity to become a world economic power.

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