This house is made up of four separate 40-foot shipping containers. the exterior is slick and catches the eye when you’re coming down the street for the first time this container house has painted black and orange tint. it really can’t be missed. The front porch also has comfy-looking chairs. if you look surrounding this house you’ll see the backyard though and the gorgeous exterior design you’ll notice the that orange paint job make another appearance there on the second floor. and there are two large outdoor decks as well.

The large one is on the first floor. that’s from the living room and there on the second floor, it has a hammock that’s from the master bedroom. it gets even better at night when you start to flip on some lights. There are also a ton of string lights all over both of those outdoor decks. The darker out it gets the better this exterior looks. if you walk in through the front door you’ll see the stairs leading to the second floor. and this is now the front door. you have a little bench there and some space to hang up your clothes.

The first door is on the right and it leads to the half bathroom on this first floor. Has everything you need though very white bright, and modern, have a little window up top as well. with some great natural light and a nice countertop space here with a mirror. Also, there is a washer and dryer unit off here to the side in the same room. we’ll continue down the hall for a little bit and we’ll enter the kitchen with black cabinets. and you’ll see everything stainless steel appliances are all top of the line and dishwasher and a double sink off here to one side and have a toaster, and then two shelves above that. just some extra decorations and some of the mugs and microwave, refrigerator there’s plenty of space to cook up a meal and directly opposite the kitchen, you’ll see a dining room table and four seats around the table it’s also situated in front of this large window right which a nice touch.

the final room on the first floor has a lovely living room. and the gas-powered fireplace then above the fireplace has a large television such a nice setup though. On the opposite end of this room, there are also three stools, right in front of the main kitchen countertop space. it’s a great area to eat meals. the last item is this living room is behind of couch is a nice desk set up, with a cool painting, and a slick black desk with a comfy-looking chair. Great space to get some work done. and the outdoor deck area on the first floor has a large dining table and plenty of outdoor seating options with all those sofas and thos chairs.

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