An awesome tiny house

This is just an awesome tiny house, it looks huge because the ceilings are super tall and the really large overhang for the patio space this just feels huge you have wood beams everywhere wood cladding it just looks incredible as well. Inside, the ceilings up above this is just a huge tiny house in quotations but the layout is a pretty nice one so the first thing you really walk into is the living room space.

This is definitely a spacious living room you have a leather couch up against this wall with a huge window right above it a beautiful dining table, outside through the huge front windows there are sliding doors and all slide open so you can slide open triple door and you have access to your outdoor area. The kitchen space is a huge kitchen for a tiny house on this right side is the gigantic countertop with bar seating on the other side four seats total and the countertop is beautiful.

Bedroom, are this is a queen bed in here the shiplap continues the wood cladding on the ceiling also continues you also have the window for some great views when you wake up. There is also a bedroom loft above, you can take the ladder down put it up and see what’s up there in the loft up here in the loft is just a bed, this is a pretty tight loft but it is here if you need it so this place can sleep for guests that’s why there are four-bar seats in the kitchen and there’s even a window up here as well in the loft.

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